I feel that we are witnessing a reality in which all things social, religious and political are emotionally tense. I believe that this agitation translates into a need for faith, even though the circumstances make it difficult to recognize and define the limits of where to place it.

We’re looking for new things to be excited about, so we can drive our vulnerability, beliefs and our vote towards them. Consequently, new social groups and political or religious leaders are reborn who know what to do with that social desire to find perspective.

We’re living in a moment in which televangelists are multiplying and using faith to get the followers they need to feed their purpose. But a new generation of believers also seem to have been born who are on the look-out for messages to guide them, for their earthly salvation and individual greed, without thinking about the means or the consequences.

We know that these famous political leaders from our free world serve the “believers”, sorry I meant, “voters”, the lies that they want to hear on a silver platter so they can continue collecting their trust, money and blind loyalty for their cause. We could even come to think that, many times, it is these same believers and their need for faith who rebuild these new idols from ruins of the past.

It could be that we are living in an apparently “bright” and “free” reality and that in the end it will avenge us. Or perhaps it will all be more obvious and, simply, the law of supply and demand will sarcastically set the standards of behaviour for these “Preachers” and “Believers”: some preach what the others want to believe. There’s nothing more simple or effective than that.

It is that fine line where politicians become preachers and voters become believers where, with irony, “Preachers” & “Believers” begins and develops.

Imperial blue, immaculate white and celestial gold. The silhouette is sober and formal but it is also regal, solemn and very symbolic in the message that it wants to transmit and the type of character it represents. Tailoring is the driving element for its structural development, bestowing unity and a unifying vision like the metaphor for the typology of a symbolic character.

The development of color throughout the collection is rich and exuberant: citric yellow, forest green, mint, rose lavender and finally silver and metallics. The silhouette is a depiction of sustained chaos. The garments are elaborated with an abundant amount of pattern cuts to play with a big variety of textures when it comes to the fabrics, the changes of color and the mix of patterns. The finished garments are further developed with an embroidery with big paillettes, giving the garment a visual richness based on the variety and individualization of the character.